Why “Wolfsong?”

Everyone has a story and ever since I was a little girl, I was always telling stories. As I got older, I continued sharing my stories through the written word. One day, I discovered the wolf, a sentient being that struck a chord within my soul and that my heart connected with from that very day forward. The wolves have a story, too, but they don’t have a voice like we do. I made it my mission to use my voice to help spread awareness of their tragic story: the Canadian government is still persecuting wolves in Canada, especially in B.C and Alberta. Unfortunately, in these two provinces wolf culls are in place and bounties are paid to those who snare and kill these magnificent creatures. It is my goal to inform as many people as I can about the wolves dire situation,  which is why I named my company Wolfsong Editing. Wolves can’t speak, but they reach out to us with the only voice they have, their song.

A portion of all money made goes towards non-profit organizations in Alberta like Wolf Matters, and in B.C like Pacific Wild. I hope to help these organizations end the needless slaughter of these animals so future generations can still enjoy a WILD and FREE Canada.

For more information about how to stop the slaughter, please visit:

Wolf Matters
Pacific Wild

“A longing cry echoes through the darkness. Plaintive, powerful, evocative of ancient mysteries-the winf carries wolfsong through the forest. The howl of the wolf is the call of the wilderness.” Introduction to Wolfsong by Catherine Feher-Elston.